Esfom Ltd. is implementing the project titled: “Implementation of guidelines resulting from the implementation of a design audit as a way to develop the company ESFOM. PHU Kaja II”. subsidised by the European Regional Development Fund.
Application no: POPW.01.04.00-28-0009/20

Project Objective:

The primary objective of the project is to boost the company’s competitiveness. It is to consist in increasing the potential for skillful design management and increasing the use of design in the business. In order to meet the primary objective, it will be necessary to implement 2 key sub-objectives:

  1. a) Design development for the production of a new type of PET foam, in a comprehensive process supported by ICT technologies, including parameterisation, design and manufacturing of elements desired by customers;
  2. b) Development of an in-house converting method introducing savings in the foam converting process;
  3. c) Upgrading the company’s technical facilities;
  4. d) Streamlining production;
  5. e) Structuring communication and marketing activities.

The planned outcome:

  • unique know-how;
  • expanding the product offer to include PET foam products made on the framework of a comprehensive, modern methodology supported by information technologies, including parametrisation, design and
  • building a reputation of a reliable partner for companies using PET foams.

Project value: 4,846,815.00 PLN

The European Funds contribution: 2,727,350.00 PLN

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