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Who we are?

The company’s market experience goes far outside Poland. Our Company cooperates with yacht manufacturers in Europe and all over the world.

The ESFOM Company is a valued supplier of a wide variety of products in the plastics processing industry. During nearly 10 years of operation, the company has acquired a numerous competences in the advanced processing of plastic products. The base of processing comprises of polyethylene, PET, and IREX foams as well as HDPE (High Density Ethylene) boards applied by the Company in the manufacture of particular products or components used in further production (e.g. in the machine industry).

Currently, the Company focuses on the processing of foam, HDPE boards and mineral-acrylic conglomerates, to name a few. The Company’s main customers include large and small entities in the yacht, furniture, car manufacturing and packaging industry.

Majority of our activities includes services or manufacturing and services based on the client-provided designs applied by the ESFOM Company in the processing of specific materials (cutting, forming,adding additional features/properties to the material by thermoforming, for example), finally delivering the finished parts having the predetermined parameters.


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