Burning off and engraving

The most popular methods of processing plastics include cutting, milling and engraving, that allow for the production of elements of practically any shape. This is the most common method of processing plastics based on the removal of the plastic material where necessary. This can include cutting out elements from a sheet (e.g. with a laser), for example, or milling a suitable shape.

Milling is a type of machining that enables one to cut out elements from planes, make steps, grooves and openings, as well as shape the edges of objects. The excessive material is removed as a result of the rotational movement performed by the tool (milling machine) that can move along the object being processed.


At ESFOM, we have expertise at handling various types of plastics and we are able to select the technology that is appropriate for a particular raw material. As a result of burning off, elements of consoles and yacht switchboards as well as all decorative panels are created. Large elements of plexiglass – the basis for side guards, fairings and companionway flaps – are also cut to the desired size, with the application of this technique.

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