PE foam (Low density polyethylene)

PE foam is the most common material used in the plastics industry (applied in 30% of products). It is produced by the polymerization of ethylene. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is foamed by the application of gases (e.g. propane and butane). Foamed polyethylene is a durable and multifunctional material that is perfect for the production of mats and lagging/cleading. The foam has a closed cell structure, does not absorb water, is impermeable to air and has thermal insulation properties similar to those of polystyrene.

Advantages of polyethylene foam:

  • flexibility at extremely low temperatures – down to – 60oC,
  • strength – PE foam is resistant to tearing and mechanical damage,
  • low weight – polyethylene foam is very light,
  • impermeable to moisture and water,
  • good thermal and acoustic insulator,
  • non-flammable

Being a proven alternative to polystyrene, PE foam is recyclable that makes it much more ecological.

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