HPL TEAK (imitation of wood)

HPL (High Pressed Laminate) is a type of decorative board manufactured in high pressure. It consists of several layers of core paper impregnated with phenolic resin and decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin that are hot pressed under high pressure. Already at the production stage, the surface of the HPL board is covered with a special coating which ensures the durability of the colour, preventing it from fading.

In boatbuilding, HPL board with a wood-like decor imitating teak wood is of special application. It is a material commonly used for finishing boats and yachts, great for deck floors, but also as a component of furniture and dashboards. The HPL boards are characterised by high stiffness and low water absorption, while maintaining high resistance to abrasion during everyday use.

The great advantages of the material include its ease of processing and low weight. Thanks to the above, it can be applied even in the manufacture of complex shapes that will not increase the weight of the yacht to a significant degree.

HPL TEAK boards are available in 3 colour variations. The black or light stripes on the board are 5 mm wide. The distance between the strips is 45 mm.

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